Byline: Catrina Satterwhite

Back in March, I had the opportunity to sit down with 15-year-old actress Mallian Butler along with her mother, Mahalia Butler as she discussed her new role as Ashley on the hit tv show Black-ish. She played Jack’s girlfriend in episode 714, “The Mother and Child De-Union.”

Mallian’s favorite tv show is Black-ish and she lived out her dream by being cast in it. Can you imagine? Well, she’s back on the screen with more amazing roles.

She has a new movie coming out December 17, Mistletoe in Montana that will air on Lifetime. She co-stars with Melissa Joan Hart( Sabrina the Teenage Witch), Duane Henry(NCIS), Jamey Sheridan(Law and Order), and Hero Hunter(Young Dylan) in a Christmas gem movie.

That’s not all. Along with her mother Mahalia, CEO of Axiom Talent Management, LLC, they are releasing their first book together, Morah’s Misguided Adventures. They wanted to release this book together as they are first-time authors of a children’s book.

Also, they have just wrapped production on a film from their own production company, Axiom Talent Management, and Productions, based in Dallas, Texas. The name of the film is P.O.W.E.RS, a family-friendly movie about a young lady who is experiencing an awakening of her superhuman powers and so much more. They tapped into a lot of Dallas’ best African American talent for this film production. A premier was held at the Angelika Theater on December 11.

We are so excited to see Mallian and her mother Mahalia on their successful endeavors. We look forward to seeing more of her work in the future.