Since 1954, the Dallas Weekly has been at the epicenter of all things African American in one of the fastest growing regions of the country. Continuously published, having never missed a single issue for more than 69 years, the Dallas Weekly has emerged as the leading, most trusted voice of the African diaspora in north Texas.

The staff of the Dallas Weekly take great pride in the fact that we speak to and for our community in ways to ensure that we remain a part of – and never apart from – those whom we serve. As such, we have evolved, like our region, into a diverse, dynamic, forward-thinking, strategically-minded enterprise that attracts people from all walks of life. This evolution has resulted in the Dallas Weekly being recognized and awarded for our impactful journalistic excellence not just locally, but also statewide, regionally and nationally, far more than any other Black-owned media enterprise of its kind in the area.

Today the Dallas Weekly, the DW, is recognized as a multimedia brand not only capable of influencing national discussion, but also, due to an influx of black immigrants, showing a flare for international engagement as well. Our award-winning traditional print publication has been joined by a state-of-the-art multimedia website, an exciting e-edition, a growing family of social media followers as well as a recently launched internet radio station.

These new channels reflect DW as a niche brand operating on a unique multimedia platform. We still provide our readers with relevant information that they trust, respect and depend on, reflecting our readers in the stories we cover, post, record and videotape. We humbly accept our role and responsibility to uphold the legacy of this important resource while remaining true to those whom we serve, whose impact will never be underestimated. The fact that our community spends more than $35 billion annually speaks to their size and influence. The Dallas Weekly speaks to and for them. Join us as The DW continues to become a major multimedia force in the state of Texas. It’s all about our content and our culture.


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