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Issue 38, Volume 66

Continuously published without missing a single issue for more than 65 years, DW has emerged as one of the most trusted voices of the African-American community in north Texas. DW has been recognized and awarded for its impactful journalism locally, statewide, regionally and nationally; more than any other Black-owned media enterprise of its kind in the area. The company takes great pride in speaking to and for our community in a way that ensures we represent those whom we serve. As such, we have evolved, like our region, into a diverse, dynamic, forward thinking strategically-minded enterprise that attracts people of all walks of life.

Vision Statement: To be the leading voice for Black social and cultural news in the South. 

Mission Statement: To offer the most compelling Black-centric content wherever users may live online that speaks to our experience—past, present, and future.

Values Statements

DW believes women. Black women are the backbone of our communities and the way makers in our culture. Telling their stories is telling our stories. 

Embrace diversity and inclusion. Black people are, arguably, the most diverse group of people on the planet. DW speaks to the spectrum of our experiences including LGBTQ+ communities, immigrant communities, LatinX, and others from across the African diaspora. 

Small business drives us forward. They have been our backbone in times of struggle, our haven in strife, and our anchor as we build our communities. DW appreciates small business and small business owners in our content and in our advertising. 

The turn up is real. Black people have driven every cultural shift in our history. From our music, to our clothes and fashion, to our food, the cookout is always lit. DW highlights our strides as the ultimate cultural tastemakers.


Publisher/Chief Executive Officer: Patrick Washington
Chief Executive Officer: Jessica Washington


Editor-in-Chief: Jai Makokha
Deputy Editor: Blair Krassen
Editor, DallasWeekly.com: Logan Landers

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Alicia Wilson
Steven Monacelli
Brianna Patt
Le Brown
Loren Guillory

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