Calling all local artists and music lovers!

Long gone are the days when you have to rely on record labels to hear amazing artists that live in your backyard.

Dallas Weekly has a 69 year history of serving the community through solution based journalism and now that service has expanded to music lovers in the DFW with DW Radio.

We are putting the power back in the PEOPLE’S hands! DW Radio is a FREE platform for music artists and local bands. All you have to do is submit your songs as per the upload instructions and every Wednesday and Friday you will hear new music from artists across the DFW!


1. Send in your MP3 ONLY. We can’t use Spotify links, YouTube links, etc.

2. Make sure the MP3 file is of high quality (no lower than 192k bitrate).

3. Make sure that the Metadata is completely filled out with the artist name and song title. If this isn’t filled out, at least place it in the body of the email.

4. Please send music ONLY to