iBrow Rehab is a destination for all your eyebrow needs. 

iBrowrehab has mastered the art of high-end brow sculpting and designing services according to client specifications, which makes them preeminent in the beauty industry. They believe the fact that one size doesn’t fit all. They utilize the natural brow line through multiple advanced tactics and brow mapping techniques to make the most perfect pair of brows.

Working in the beauty business for 10 years, CEO and lead brow tech Chey James Scott says there is no such eyebrow problem that she hasn’t encountered. She developed the passion for eyebrows when she realized how much of a difference it can bring to someone’s personality and overall look. Working with big names like Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Teen Magazine certainly says a lot about Chey James’s professionalism and impeccable beauty skills. 

iBrow Rehab especially focuses on providing satisfactory clientele consultation. They offer thorough counseling to their customers about different brow shapes, colors, filling techniques and shaping techniques. And they guide their clientele according to the shape of their face to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Their experts draw perfect eyebrows with extreme precision, advanced techniques and modern tactics.

Besides specializing in the art of shaping eyebrows, Chey James is also launching her “5-minute brow kit” to enable women to fix their brows on the go. The kit is going to be one-of-a-kind, providing the simplest yet fastest solution to make your eyebrows look perfect on the go. While creating this product, she emphasized preparing an easy to use, health-friendly product that goes light on the pocket but high on quality.

The mission of iBrow Rehab is to enhance women’s beauty to make them even more confident, attractive and sure of themselves.