Byline: Dee Porter

lilD finished the half marathon (13.1 miles) in 2:31:17.

I’ve been running most of my life. Usually, it was away from something, like my problems or childhood traumas. Then I ran into a therapist in 2010, and began running my mouth. Most recently, I had been running away from myself. It took losing three people I love, then my job, within two weeks, for me to realize that I hadn’t been eating properly for months and had lost 20 pounds.

That’s when I decided to take control of my health, mentally and physically. After going for daily walks for mental clarity, walking turned into jogging, then running. With forty pounds down, I’m in the best shape of my life.

lilD lost 40 pounds while training for the BMW Dallas Half Marathon.

The first time I ran a half marathon was in 2017, after my grandmother passed. Running was my way to run away from the pain. This time, after running straight through that pain and using it to persevere and pour love back into myself, I decided to run this race for a purpose. So I held a fundraiser for Viola’s House.

Choosing Viola’s House as my fundraiser benefactor was easy. It is a shelter for homeless teen moms. They provide childcare, access to education and life skills, job placement, and so much more for their residents and their babies. Every Valentine’s Day, I set up a mini spa and give the residents a break by providing free manicures, music, and treat boxes. Once being homeless myself, being able to give back to Viola’s House brings immense joy to my heart.

The best way to find your happiness, is to stop running from yourself.

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