When becoming a hairstylist in the black community, a person has to put on many hats. A hairstylist is your first therapist, teacher, stylist…your comfort zone.   Your hairstylist can run their fingers in your hair and cause a magical effect. This effect can take you from feeling and looking a little ashy. Then in a snap of the fingers were shiny and smooth again.

We as a community sometimes don’t understand how much we need our hairstylists. They are our superheroes! I know my stylist has saved me from many bad hair days.

They are artists! Being able to make art pieces out of hair is a gift, and we show appreciation for their hard work and for dealing with us, the clients.

Ain Moore is a licensed cosmetologist who has been doing that for 12 years. She recently founded Naptural YEEN Styles, a company that loves to showcase the versatility in everyone’s hair by creating looks to match your personality, helping each person bloom into their greatness.

“Hair to me is like a sunflower. The bright yellow petals are something that you can’t help but admire. I’ve noticed that my devotion to helping others through hair care helps promote happiness, peace within self, and an optimistic mindset.”

Ain “Yeen” Moore understands the true essence of the art of black hair: “to be creative…black hair is very versatile. You can make art out of it.”

Moore Started her journey in college in 2010 as a side hustle. In 2017 she started to take it more seriously and took the steps to start school and become licensed. In 2019 she was working in a salon.  Now she runs her own operation.