It’s the second annual Best of Black Dallas celebration, and this year we are feeling the love. We had to scale back this year, due to the situation we all find ourselves in these days; Covid, looming economic decline, political and social unrest. It was a bit of a heavy lift this year, but we knew that this is the thing that we can use to show ourselves we still shine, no matter the situation.

2020 was a pivotal year for us, and we left that year with the people we felt most deserving of our praise in the Best of Black celebration. This year we do the same.  We’ve made it yet again through another perilous times and as a gift to us, we wish to once again lift up our community and culture. 

Best of Black is not just another event for us. We truly do enjoy engaging the people and learning whom our folks deem as great and worthy. I hope that this will be a tradition in Dallas that Black people look to every year as a symbol of progress, and hope, and commitment to our own glorious history, and bright future. 

Reading this issue, DW hopes you take note of the people featured and follow them, support their endeavors and share their stories. What makes this so special is that the community chose them, and we get to see their growth and evolution from now on.  It’s a goal of ours here at the Dallas Weekly to help build and foster a cultural and economic Black ecosystem (Feel free to read that again). That starts with acknowledging that we have a world of our own to maintain, and the lifeblood of that world is our own small business owners, non-profits, community services, arts community, and much more. And with this second annual Best of Black we now know we are helping to build that foundation.

Please enjoy this issue, and look out for those community members featured in it. Find them on social media and like and share their works and achievements. With this we can reach that dream of self-sufficient Black ecosystem. This is know.

Thank you all

Patrick Washington

Publisher, The Dallas Weekly