Michelle Woodall is passionate about bringing information to communities about only in the tax industry and small business needs, but also by exposing how that information affects their personal lives and possible business adventures.

A native of McComb, Mississippi, Woodall has made Dallas home for the last 8 years. A mother, small business owner, Woodall graduated from McComb High school and later attended the historical and prominent Tougaloo College. The guidance and zest from Tougaloo College and continuous support from her late mother inspired her to become an entrepreneur at age 24.Creating and running her first business allowed her to receive contracts from the City of Jackson, become an eligible 10-year provider with the U.S. Department of Labor and form other local and state partnerships. 

Her client base grew during the pandemic and education was her focus. Woodall’s tax and accounting firm grew tremendously and Master Tax Services and Financial Group, LLC became a forerunner in our industry around the DFW Metroplex. She also made sure her firm had the ability to service outside the DFW area. 

“I want everyone to win!” Woodallas explained “Not only was this exciting for our business but it was exciting to see my community become excited about the possibilities of growing their business and securing a better opportunity for their families.”

“Master Tax Services and Financial Group, LLC prides itself in not only having several accreditations in our field, being bank approved but also our team of expertise we have on board. We are excited that we are now forming partnerships under our financial umbrella with professionals and companies that look like us. It has always been important for our community to be able to trust people in the tax industry and with their financial portfolios but now the shift has begun in the mindset and that is exciting. “ Woodall states

“We want to inspire their vision and that starts with being tax savvy and having a sound financial plan and great accounting practices.” 

If you are in need of tax services or small business support contact Master Tax Services and Financial Group, LLC