Kendra James-Anderson: wife, mom, Texas resident and founder and CEO of The Finance Femme. With a degree in Corporate Finance and Accounting from Clemson University and a decade of experience working for major corporations like GE.

She served as a Finance Manager supporting the CFO of a multi-billion-dollar company in which she was involved in boardroom meetings several times a week. In these meetings, she saw firsthand how billion-dollar companies had highly skilled CFOs assisting their CEOs with everyday decision-making based on facts, data, analysis and experience in business strategy.

Meanwhile, smaller businesses were forced to settle for CPA and Accounting firms that were either inexperienced or inattentive and reactive instead of forward-thinking.

Kendra founded The Finance Femme to provide small business owners with the facts, data, analysis and experience in business strategy that they need to scale with intention. The Finance Femme launched out of this inequity to provide the high value financial partnership female business owners need and deserve.

But she doesn’t do it alone.

At The Finance Femme, Kendra and her team spend their days supporting clients with everything from financial reporting and projections to inventory analysis and hiring decisions.

The Finance Femme is composed of a brilliant team of all-women finance, accounting and operations professionals who help deliver the clarity and strategy needed to help you scale.