As the world continues to open up, and the post pandemic hysteria begins to diminish, the event and destination industries are coming back to life. Walt Disney World, the most magical place on earth, is coming back with a Bang!

It’s been 50 years since Walt Disney World opened its doors to the public, and in that time has been the world famous destination for all things magical. With the celebration of this milestones Disney invited the media to come and see the new attractions, events, products soon to be available to everyone.

If there was an unofficial theme to this new Disney renaissance, I would call it “Diggin’ in the Crates”. Disney has an extensive history, even beyond the iconic central Florida park, and all of that history has been tapped to revitalize the essence that is Disney; Magic. New products will be on Disney shelves including Disney fashion. Designers and creatives have used the fashion history of Disney characters to inform its new lines of Disney-wear. The new design features highlights of “Cinderella” blue; for those true Disney-heads you can see and probably hear the color of that dress as it lifts up over her shining with sparkles. Other items feature similar callbacks to Disney’s past; like a thick white plastic case over the whole park.

Cast and Crew at the park are also on a mission to reinvigorate the public. Cast members, what Disney calls the folks who work in the park to keep guests smiling, are on full display with smiles and helpful tips to navigate the huge complex of entertainment. New technological accessories also help to create an immersive and interactive experience for each and every patron. New wrist accessories allow for augmented really treasure hunts, star wars galaxy level bounty tracking, virtual reality engagement and so much more.

Walt Disney World has been a source for fun and excitement, relaxation and adventure, and family connection for 50 years.  New ambassadors Ali and Raevon, the most happy and excited people you’ll ever meet, are the new liaisons to this classic yet new Disney. The pair embody the spirit of the Disney brand and at all opportunities are emphatically telling the community, public and anyone who wants to listed the miraculous experiences that are waiting within the park. In addition to their duties, they are also former cast members who worked their way up the ranks to achieve the prestigious goal of Walt Disney World Ambassador.

With all this magic and fantasy, Walt Disney World wants to tell the world its ok to be happy again. Even with the still ever presence of the pandemic circling us, Walt Disney World wants to do what they’ve always done; provide and an escape. Not just any escape, but the escape you remember from your childhood of flying through he air with Peter Pan, or dancing with Princess Tiana. They are waiting to see you again, and they can’t wait.