By Ebony Carrington of Oowee Sports Nation

Team: North Dallas United Bobcats
Team Number: 3
Position: Wide Receiver/Defensive Back
School: Hamilton Park Pacesetter Magnet
Age: 12
Grade: Sixth 

The average parent places their child in little league sports to develop lasting friendships, promote a skillset, feel a sense of community, and even to learn valuable life lessons ⏤ sportsmanship and respect for teammates and coaches. 

Twelve-year-old Jacob Watson was introduced to the world of football by his father when he was four. His father (Tevar Watson) is a youth football coach for his team, North Dallas United Bobcats. The younger Watson’s initial goals when entering the sport was to make touchdowns and hang with friends. Now, as a rising seventh grader, his goals are much different.  

“My stats weren’t really recorded, but I scored every game and had two interceptions,” Watson said. “My goal for next season is to get 1000 yards and dominate at defense.” 

His goal of excelling at defense and yardage gains aligns with the current average of Watson’s inspirations pro NFL Wide Receiver Odell Beckham (at 1,374 yards) and Los Angeles Rams Cornerback Jalen Ramsey who boasts 364 tackles. 

Watson (like many youth) hopes to make it all the way to the NFL. His current challenge (while at a pivotal age for growth) is blocking bigger boys. 

“My older brothers who are bigger than me serve as my biggest competitors,” he shared. “They both play football and learned from my dad, so I’m always striving to be better than them, the best.” 

Being the best for Watson has meant putting in the extra hours on the field, taking up basketball to train in the off season, keeping grades above average and keeping a positive attitude no matter the outcome. 

“Former NFL player Aqib Talib once told me that the same attitude that makes you good can be the same reason you don’t make it, so control your attitude,” Watson said. 

His winning attitude advanced him and his team to being undefeated and the 11U champions of the BIG12 Sports League, and him the Defensive MVP of State Game. Watson hopes to play football in college with Louisiana State University, Baylor University and Florida State University as his top picks. 

With his family cheering him on in his football endeavors, follow Jacob Watson on Oowee Sports Nation (a network for youth athletes) as he continues to dominate the world of football.