By Stacy M. Brown,
NNPA Newswire Senior
National Correspondent

As adults grapple
with talking to their
children about the
latest school massacre
where 19 elementary
school students and two
teachers in Uvalde, Texas,
were shot and killed
by a crazed gunman,

Congressional finger-
pointing appeared to

reach its zenith.
“Just be clear, f— you
[Ted Cruz], you f—ing
baby killer,” Arizona

Democratic Congressman
Ruben Gallego tweeted
at the Republican
Gallego had replied
to Sen. Cruz, whose
comments following the
May 24 massacre only
served to upset many on
social media.
Cruz, who will serve as

keynote speaker at a pro-
gun event in Texas this

week, rebuked calls for
changing gun laws.
“We know from past
experience that the most
effective tool for keeping
kids safe is armed law
enforcement on the

campus,” Cruz stated.
Later, a video surfaced
of former Democratic
Congressman Beto
O’Rourke crashing Texas
Gov. Greg Abbott’s press
conference about the
“Let him speak,” some
in the auditorium chanted
at Abbot’s security detail,
who escorted O’Rourke
out of the room. The
former congressman,
running against Abbott,
attempted to challenge
the governor about his
controversial laws that
allows just about anyone
in Texas to carry a gun
without a permit or

background check.
“This is totally
predictable,” O’Rourke
stated. “This is after El
Paso, and you are doing
nothing. This is on you
until you choose to do
After Democratic Sen.
Joe Manchin railed
against reporters and
rebuked questions
about getting rid
of the filibuster to
pass gun legislation,
fellow Democrat Nina
Turner, who lost her
Congressional bid
earlier this month,
took him to task.

Evan L’Roy for The Texas Tribune

“Joe Manchin says he’ll do
anything to get gun legislation
passed, then clarifies that he won’t
eliminate the filibuster to do so,”
Turner observed. “Not only is it
something he can do, but he did
also do to pass the military budget
in December. Priorities.”
When Colorado Republican
Rep. Lauren Boebert tweeted that
“you can’t legislate evil away,”
Democratic Congresswoman
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez quickly
fired back.
“Why even be in Congress if you
don’t believe in doing your job?
Just quit and let someone who
actually gives a damn do it instead
of acting like a useless piece of
furniture when babies are shot with
AR15s. We let teen boys impulse
buy before they can legally have

a beer,” the outspoken Ocasio-
Cortez replied.

Twitter users littered their
timelines with photos of Boebert
and the congresswoman’s
family, including young children,
displaying automatic weapons.
Meanwhile, President Joe Biden
reflected on the victims.
“There are parents who will never
be the same. To lose a child is to
have a piece of your soul ripped
away forever,” Biden stated.
“I am sick and tired of it. We have

to act, and don’t tell me we can’t
have an impact on this carnage,”
the President continued.
“I’ve spent my career working
to pass common-sense gun laws.
We know that mass shootings
went down when we passed the
assault weapons ban. We know
that gun manufacturers have spent
two decades marketing assault
weapons, making them the largest
profit. We must have the courage
to stand up to the industry and the
“It’s time to
turn this pain
into action for
every parent and
every citizen of
this country. We
have to make it
clear to every
elected official in
this country that
it’s time to act.
It’s time for those
who obstructed
the way, who
have blocked the
gun laws, to know
we will not forget.”