The sports world is constantly changing and nowadays, it changes faster than ever. With scientific advancement and better nutritional knowledge, sports have progressed more in the last 10 years than in the previous 50. 

Now, there’s a company that’s trying to take it to another level — Locker Token. 

They’re looking to change the way professional sports teams go about doing business and how players go about getting paid. They’re also looking to help fans interact with their favorite players and teams like never before. 

What is Locker Token?

Locker Token is an all-inclusive one-stop shop for investors in crypto, professional sports teams, players and fans to interact and do business. It’s a cryptocurrency/token along with an app that can be found on Google Play and in the Apple Store that’s free to download. They have a DAO, which is a decentralized autonomous organization. 

What’s a DAO?

A DAO has three essential elements: 

  • Organizational goals and a culture that can reach a consensus between strangers 
  • A rule system that includes creation, governance and incentive 
  • A token that can form a relationship with all participants to realize its full incentive

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says, “(DAOs are) the ultimate combination of progressivism.” While Messari, which provides crypto market intelligence products to help professionals navigate the world of crypto, says DAOs are “the next big thing.”

The Locker App and Wallet

The Locker Token app is a streamlined tool that makes it easier than ever for people to purchase, send and receive crypto. You can also transfer funds without the large fees that often come with transferring currencies, especially to and from different countries. 

People who’ve never dealt with crypto before can download the app, set up their account and utilize the wallet within minutes. It’s a simple process that many crypto wallets don’t have available. 

They have what’s called a fiat on-ramp within the app where you can buy the token with your credit card or bank account that has minimal transfer fees and setup time. 

Staking Feature

Within the DAO, there’s also a staking feature that provides 60% APY over a period of 90 days. You can import your Locker Tokens’ and earn extra coins on your investment.

Why is Locker Token Necessary and Why Now?

Locker Token is the brain trust of hockey agent Pat Curcio, partner of Optima World Sports. Curcio is the co-founder of Locker, along with Dennis Schulte. 

“We’re excited to be launching this platform and we think it has the potential to completely change the way pro sports are organized,” says Curcio. “We believe that our system will offer a number of advantages for everyone involved, from players to fans.” 

Curcio saw a need for a change in the way players get paid in pro hockey. He represents several that play all over the world. His clients kept running into problems accessing their money and having to pay outrageous bank or swift code fees to get it. We’re talking about money they’ve earned for their hard work and sacrifice of what it takes to play hockey at the professional level. Money that was agreed and signed upon before services rendered. 

Here’s What Some Players Have to Say: 

I need to have financial independence and know that despite playing internationally, my finances are always with me,” Justin Azevedo, Zurich Lions (NL) standout.

Jayce Hawryluk of Skelleftea, in the Swedish Hockey League (SHL), sat for weeks waiting for his signing bonus or “sign-on” money to arrive in Canada before he could join his new team in Sweden. Hawryluk says, “With borderless systems like blockchain (which Locker Token offers), that wouldn’t happen.” 

Cory Emmerton, currently playing for Laussane (NL) in Switzerland and played in the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) out of Russia, says, “The evolution of crypto – and especially LOCKER Token – should dramatically ease these hassles that arise from country to country in the near future.” Emmerton played in Russia when several sanctions were put in place and it was almost impossible to move money around, and when he could, the exchange rates were constantly changing and not in a good way.

Sports and NFTs

NFTs have become a new trend in the sports world. Teams and players can instantly mint NFTs and sell them to collectors and fans. With Locker Token, you’ll be able to do that within the app’s marketplace. 

Pro sports teams can put a beautiful goal or outstanding passing play on the hometown scoreboard, and fans at the game can bid on them as an NFT using the Locker Token app. Plus, players can do the same right from their locker room after a game. This also gives fans a way to be closer to the sport they love and the players they follow. 

The Locker Token Connection to Dallas

Aside from Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’s comments about DAOs, Locker Token has connections to Dallas; the company is represented by Dallas Stars’ Tyler Seguin and Vladislav Nemestnikov, who are ambassadors of the project. 

Seguin has been with the Stars since the 2013-14 NHL season and nearly helped them to a championship in 2020 when they lost to the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Stanley Cup Final.

Nemestnikov is a new addition to the Stars after being traded from the Detroit Red Wings at this past season’s NHL trade deadline, but fans garnered a quick affection for him because of his style of play since coming to the team. 

Also part of the Locker Token team are former NHL players such as Hall of Famer Phill Esposito, who played for the Chicago Blackhawks, Boston Bruins and New York Rangers; along with former Ottawa Senators, and New York Islanders star Alexei Yashin, among others. 

Key Benefits Locker Token Provides

  • International Payroll: A decentralized payment system allows for easy transactions with players across the global market. 
  • Lower Costs: LOCKER will be able to drastically reduce third-party fees by using blockchain technology. 
  • Greater Transparency: All transactions on the LOCKER platform will be recorded on the blockchain, meaning they are transparent and tamper-proof.
  • Fair Play: Using smart contracts will help ensure that all rules are followed and that everyone gets paid what they’re owed. 
  • Increased Engagement: Giving fans a direct way to support their favorite teams through the purchase of tickets, merchandise, and other digital goods and services will help to increase teams’ profit margins and their fanbase, generating entirely new revenue streams. 
  • Loyalty Programs: LOCKER’s tokenized system will allow teams to create loyalty programs that will reward fans for their support.

The Future is Here With Locker Token

Curcio and his team are paving the way for sports and crypto to combine like never before. They’re also providing a service for athletes playing abroad to get their funds quicker and with less hassle. Soon they hope to partner with teams and players in all sports once mass crypto adoption takes place. More information can be found here —