Atlanta-native, Tolu Yero started her journey into the fragrance world at the peak of the pandemic back in late 2020. Tolu Yero is not new to entrepreneurship with a unique background in music management and other areas of the entertainment industry. 

However, Tolu took her quarantine time to look within and create something of her own. With fragrance being black women’s 2nd biggest expense, Tolu also noticed an extreme imbalance of representation of black women in the fragrance industry.

Inspired from a therapy session, value fragrances was developed as an innovative way to incorporate our core values into our every day through fragrance. Knowing one’s values is vital in helping us make decisions, take action, and focus on moving towards the life we want to live.

Value fragrances mission is to reinvent the way we wear fragrance through what’s most important, our values.

In 2022, value fragrances seeks to go through a rebrand under a new name called forūe. Fragrance for the inner and outer you. Tolu plans to continue to find new and creative ways to inspire others through fragrance and more!