Cicely Miller is a professional multidisciplinary artist, and entrepreneur who possesses plenty of sunshine mixed with a little drop of rain. She is the owner, artist, and CCO of Cicely’s Jazzy Art (CJA). The mission of CJA is to provide beautiful, unique, colorful, custom, and functional art of superior quality accompanied by excellent customer service and ensure their employees have access to fair compensation and creative workspaces that encourage teamwork and growth opportunities. CJA strives to bridge the gap between art and the community by producing art, encouraging budding artists while supporting seasoned ones, and formulating unique fundraising channels to assist community organizations in reaching their financial goals. 

Three major programs come under the CJA umbrella…The Celebrating Art Contest, CJA 3D Virtual Art Gallery and Fundraiser and The Created to Create Arts and Technology Foundation, a non-profit. 

Celebrating Art is a format for visual artists of all ages to compete and exhibit work. The idea is to specifically support people who are just starting out in the world of visual arts, especially youth. Through this program, CJA solicits K-12 students who are interested in displaying their artwork for prizes by a jury. In the future, this will be a platform for adult art competitions, as well as people of all ages and backgrounds selected to judge.

CJA 3D Virtual Art Gallery and Fundraiser is a game changer in the fundraising arena as you feel as if you are in an actual art gallery. The program is open to all and requires little to no operating expenses. Fundraisers yield a 50% commission on sales. The good news is the gallery is accessible anywhere online with great finds for everyone. 

Hosting an evening at the Gallery has proven successful to those organizations looking to reach their fundraising goals, in style. An Art Exhibition and Virtual Fundraiser is A Perfect Pairing! To schedule a Demos, contact

Cicely Miller artwork

Created to Create Arts and Technology Foundation, non-profit exists to promote creativity, expression and education through visual arts and technology. The goal is to empower our youth and serve communities, especially the underserved. Offerings will include services, such as Training and Education, Forums, Tours, Art Exhibitions, Information & Research, Promotion & Audience Development, and Leverage Resources. Attracting people who want to utilize the program and contribute voluntarily or monetarily is ideal. 

Cicely’s Jazzy Art can be described as the intersection between visual art and social awareness…between education, entertainment and fundraising. They show people what they love to see, plus, what they need to see, and deliver this information through multiple platforms. 

Cicely possesses a B.A. Degree in Mass Communications, Xavier University of Louisiana, and she earned a Master of Art in Art Technology and Emerging Communication, University of Texas at Dallas.

The major obstacles/challenges facing creative entrepreneurs are universal and Cicely’s Jazzy Art is no different. Budgeting is always a major concern as there are so many facets to it and record-keeping is tedious but necessary.

Marketing is one of the most arduous as social media must be engaged daily. Learning how to best market a small business is ever-changing. Balancing time while wearing so many diverse hats can be hectic but manageable. Learning to prioritize responsibilities is key.

For Cicely’s Jazzy Art, COVID-19 has been a blessing and a curse. Prior to it, her business came from outside shows and art exhibitions. With all in-person events canceled, business suffered; however, it gave Cicely time to improve processes, initiate innovative programs, and create more art. 

Cicely has been drawing and painting prior to starting school. Her gumbo of artistry is a collection of black history, imagery of faces, abstract figures, and current events. She enjoys placing her original creations on functional items, such as cutting boards, coasters, clutch bags, awards, and apparel. Her colorful selections of original and custom art offer a diverse collection.

Textile/Apparel Design

Cicely has her hands into the textile/fashion/design arena with the pieces coming directly from her original art, now wearable art. Art and fashion have an intimate relationship and Cicely is right in the thick of it. She recently collaborated with a major retailer to create their 2023 Black History Collection. Keep an eye out for her soon-to-release fashion line. 

Graphic/Website Design

Cicely uses her work to serve clients, brands, and other commercial purposes. The lines between graphic and web design can sometimes be closely related. Cicely can do both and has an impressive portfolio to prove it. 

NFTs/Crypto Art

Non-fungible tokens are changing the way we own thing, digitally. Cicely has several collections on the Open Sea blockchain, and they can be viewed at

Cicely Miller artwork

Awards and Recognition

Cicely received 2022 Best of Show-Theme Related Award for her Medical Thinker piece at the Lenora Rolla Ninth Annual Art Show.

Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. Psi Chapter presented Cicely with the 2022 Doretha N. Hornbuckle Business Entrepreneur Award.

Throughout Cicely’s career, she received invaluable assistance to successfully grow CJA and is more than grateful to each supporter for the advice, emotional and financial support.

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Instagram: @cjazzyart