The next transcendent women’s track star is training for her time to dominate the sport.

Before her time, however, 7-year-old Dakota White is focused on being a child, while intently focusing on her craft.

Sonja Franklin-Johnson, White’s sprint coach described the young superwoman as a competitive phenom, but makes sure fun is included during workouts.

Parents Cam and Danielle White say Dakota motivates them to be better and emphasized the realization of her dream is solely hers.

“Go talk to her,” Cam White said. “That is what she wanted to do, don’t put it on me — one thing I won’t do is pressure my kids to play any sport.”

“She even pushes me,” Danielle White said. “She’s like, ‘come on mom, lets go to the gym park.’ We have a park with an outdoor gym so I’m like, ‘ok, let me get back in shape.’”

The discipline and consistency it takes to hone your craft is something Cam White said he did not have at Dakota’s age.

“She works harder than me,” he said. “I didn’t have that work ethic at six or seven years old where I am going to training sessions developing my craft.

While she has some time before she is able to compete at the highest level, Dakota has her eyes set on the pinnacle of Track and Field: The Olympics.

Her inspiration?

Fellow Dallas track star Sha’Carri Richardson.

“I want to run in the Olympics one day, just like Sha’Carri,” she said.

Parents are nurturers and work to provide and instill certain values and principles within their children, but as any parent would say, children motivate them to reach for higher heights.

It isn’t far-fetched to say Dakota is a fire starter for her parents dreams and aspirations.

“She puts a lot of work ethic in me,” Cam White said. “If my daughter can do it, there’s no reason why I can’t do certain things. It makes us more driven as parents.”

While Dakota is focused on her craft, family time is equally as important, Danielle White said.

The inclusion of her brothers in activities such as playing, going to the water park and just spending time with family is just as important as training.

As she continues to dream big, it will come as no surprise to see Dakota in the near future dominating the sport. 

Before she does, she wants to attend college. Can you guess where?

“I want to run at Sha’Carri’s college,” Dakota said. 

LSU are you ready? The future track legend is coming and her name is Dakota White.

You can learn more about Dakota and her journey here.