Owner and founder of LashedOut Aatiyah Henry is offering women a luxury lash experience.

Prior to starting her business, Henry already had a foot into being business minded. She received her certification through courses bought for her by her mother, a hairstylist, who she credits with laying a foundation for her early on. Her mother believed that lashes were something she could excel at. While she did enjoy doing lash extensions, she initially felt it took up much of her time and put it to the side. After she was injured while doing track and field at the University of Arkansas she began working at an Ulta as a prestige makeup artist to make money [which she credits for propelling her towards her current path]. She, however, was one of the only Black girls at her job and was being paid less than the other employees. This realization is what motivated her to step out on her own.  Once she began to form a connection with her clients, she knew she was on the right path.

“Once the connection with me and my clients started to develop, I knew I would never go back to trying to work a full-time job where I was going to have to do manual labor again,” Henry said.

When she first started LasheddOut, Henry was a sophomore in college, balancing an entrepreneurial pursuit and a college workload simultaneously. Henry says that while it was challenging, spending time as a student-athlete [ taught her incredible balance regarding her workload. She currently operates out of three states, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and the Dallas Fort-Worth area. She was a broadcast editorial major who double majored in public relations advertising, which taught her how to communicate in her day-to-day life with her clients and with business management as a whole. 

Photo Credit: Aatiyah Henry

As for what she has coming up for her business next, she wants to start her own product line, along with beginning to offer classes to teach about the lash application in the hopes of helping clients and future lash techs learn about a healthy application to change lashing is done.

“I say this all the time. I think I can change the dynamics of how lashing is in general. With just a few products and a little more knowledge, that can literally change how everything is happening with lashes in general,” she said.

Henry also wants to open up a business with her sister, a hairstylist, creating a salon franchise.


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