Photo Credit: Jahnisha Warren

 Jahnisha Warren was born in Dallas, Texas and growing up she always had a passion for fashion. She attended Skyline High School and studied fashion merchandising and design, and later received her Bachelor of Science in fashion merchandising from the University of North Texas. Months before graduation she was chosen to intern for Tommy Hilfiger as a fashion coordinator. “As a fashion coordinator, I had the privilege to bring Tommy Hilfiger’s vision to light by merchandising in major department stores in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. I knew from this internship that I would pursue fashion as a career one day,” Warren said. 

Established in 2017 by Warren, JADE Boutique was born through the desire to provide t-shirts that conveyed meaningful messages that represented the positive outlook of its founder. Through planning and execution, the company has grown from a t-shirt line [starting with the unisex t-shirt line FOCUS] with inspirational messages to include collections of chic, contemporary, and urban fashion trends in  ready to wear clothing for men and women. The Dallas based company has found success by providing consumers with a one of a kind shopping experience. JADE Boutique prides itself in the one-on-one interaction with customers. We strive to understand our customers’ needs, while exceeding their expectations. Occasionally, we bring the shopping experience to our customers as a vendor at pop up shops throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Food for thought from Owner and Fashion Director Jahnisha Warren, “Remember, Dreams do come true.”

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