Vanna Collins, a Dallas native, is a mom, Leo, Braid Stylist, Yogi, Philanthropist, and full-on lover of life. 

Her ultimate mission is to share the correlation of the Mind, Body & Spirit and how to successfully combine the three for a total body and life experience.

On the journey to pure living, Vanna created TuffBaby’s Organic Essentials, a hair care system for women, children and men who are looking to thicken, strengthen and prevent breakage. The products are made using a special blend of essential oils that also combat itching and dandruff. TuffBaby’s Organics, recently was picked up for Walmart Online and will be offered internationally on 

At, delve into my world of yoga, holistic health and LOVE! Book your pain free braids appointment, learn new breathing techniques or simply shop TuffBaby’s Organic Essentials for your natural needs.