Photo credit: Jade Massentoff

Jade Massentoff, a powerhouse colleen adorned with grace and a vicious aura tamed by none other than herself. Following her wits, and unapologetic approach to life, Jade has created a new life as a woman with no limits, by letting go of what others thought of her, and working harder at choosing herself. 

Starting from the age of 6 years old, Jade has shown an early passion for music and dance. Unfortunately, life never turns out how you want it to. Losing her brother to suicide embedded a loss in her for music that later created the artist that she is today. She takes the pain that she suffered and turns it in to her purpose that is shared through her music. 

Jade hit many roadblocks along the way, but she continued to move forward in her new life as a Recording Artist, Entrepreneur, Professional Actress, Pole Fitness Instructor, and Influencer. She went from barely knowing who she was to being featured in Music Videos, funding her own Music Projects, taking on Lead Acting roles, creating her own Merch, and now helping others to find themselves as well. 

Jade Massentoff started her acting debut in 2019, starring in the Hit Stage Play “When My Heart Stopped”, featuring singer/actress, Ms. KeKe Wyatt. Jade amazed the audience with her dynamic vocals singing the curtains down! 

Jade auditioned and landed her 1st lead role in the hit stage play “HOODOO LOVE” written by Katori Hall, performed at the Historically Black Theater in downtown Fort Worth, TX “The Jubilee Theater.” 


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