Photo Credit: LaKendra Smalley

LaKendra Smalley, known as Master Coach LaKendra, is a Certified Master Life & Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Best-Sellers Author, Mentor, Philanthropist, Visionary and Global Leader with one goal – teaching her curated IC.A.R.E.Global Heart Model to bring humanity back to its heart core.

Master Coach LaKendra, founded The Global Life Coach Training and Entrepreneur Institute Incorporated (GIC&E Inc.) May 2011. GIC&E Inc. is an on-line and off-line school that teaches leaders how to use Life Coaching principles and methodology to create heart-centered platforms. She has coached thousands of leaders in various professional capacities, bringing them back to a heart-centered core to be more responsible as they lead with love. They call her the Master “Heart-Expert” helping leaders to expand themselves, so that they can expand in every area of their lives by fostering the lifestyle of a Life Coach. Her mission is to certify 1 million life coaches around the globe, and she already has a Coach Hub in Tacloban, Philippines with over 300 Certified Mental Health Life Coaches.

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