The Caliber Brunch, held on November 12 at STIRR Addison is a first of its kind event designed to help professionals, artists and creatives who share a common goal of helping each other through their stories of triumph. The participants heard from several industry leaders with over 40+ years of experience, entrepreneurs who challenge the way we think about the future and culture curators who create moments and memories through their visionary artwork.

Photo credit: Anthony Lee

The brunch was hosted by rising leaders Jimmy Johnson Jr., Bryant Stewart and Roderick White, offering mentoring and sharing their experiences with the next generation of leaders.

Stewart stated that the brunch works to fill in gaps for the men looking to connect and learn from each other.

Photo credit: Anthony Lee

“The Caliber Brunch fills so many gaps within men looking to connect and gain knowledge from each other through business, finance and personal development,” Stewart said. 

This event will be held annually, with dates to be determined.   

Photo credit: Anthony Lee

To learn more about the Caliber Brunch panelists or to connect, click the links below:

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David C Williams (He/Him) | LinkedIn

Pictured above: Steve Harris (left), Jimmy Johnson Jr (middle), Roderick White (far right) | Photo credit: Anthony Lee