Comerica Bank today revealed plans for Comerica BusinessHQ, a collaborative space that will provide integral services and value to small businesses in the  Southern sector of Dallas.  

Comerica is transforming idle real estate on the first floor of its R.L. Thornton location into a  unique community resource that provides high-need, high-opportunity small businesses with the  necessary tools to develop, grow and endure. Through a mix of coworking spaces, incubation  fellowships and technical assistance, Comerica BusinessHQ will address the three essential  needs of aspiring small businesses: capital, cultivation and connectivity.  

“Comerica has long been invested in the South Dallas community, and we are taking our  commitment a step further with the creation of Comerica BusinessHQ,” said Irvin Ashford, Jr.,  Comerica Bank’s Chief Community Officer. “It is imperative that we help provide solutions to  the challenges facing entrepreneurs in this footprint.”  

BusinessHQ will function as a part of the Dallas Small Business Ecosystem and serve as an  epicenter of vetted, credible community partners to present effective and impactful small  business incubation and technical assistance. The project lead, Regional External Affairs  Manager Brandon Q. Jones, has secured a growing roster of partners that includes Community  Incubation Partner the Veteran Women’s Enterprise Center (VWEC), as well as BCL of Texas,  the City of Dallas, Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce, DreamSpring, Impact Ventures,  National Youth Chamber of Commerce powered by Project Still I Rise, Philippine-American  Chamber of Commerce of Texas DFW, SCORE Dallas, and the United Way of Metropolitan  Dallas.  

“To ensure this initiative is truly community-driven, we plan to empower our broad network of  strategic community partners to facilitate programming and assist in identifying small  businesses for BusinessHQ opportunities,” said Jones. “The key findings from our community based focus groups and meetings with local leaders, stakeholders and small business owners,  indicated we should focus on the following areas – technology and connectivity, access and  security and membership and exclusivity – to make the most impact as we continue to  contribute to the Southern sector’s economic revitalization efforts.”  

Rendering of Exterior on RL Thorton. Photo provided by Comerica Bank

Essential features 

Technology and connectivity – The space will have free, flexible, temporary  workspaces and turnkey access to high-speed, uninterrupted Wi-Fi; information security  and privacy; printing; scanning; large scale projection video conferencing rooms; as well  as well as space furnished with equipment for small-scale content creation needs.  Technical assistance services also will be offered, which will be open to all small  businesses and led by a strategic community partner. 

Access and security – BusinessHQ will be in a secure location and open Monday  through Friday with extended hours and some weekend hours to reflect the reality of  entrepreneurs.  

Membership and exclusivity – There will be a conscientious registration and vetting  process for small businesses to gain access and membership to BusinessHQ.  

BusinessHQ membership opportunities  

Incubators – BusinessHQ Community Partner VWEC will select small businesses for  membership and administer the program. Incubators will receive dedicated/private office  space, one-on-one cultivation support and consultations with small business capital  providers, and exclusive access to the content creation studio.  

Coworkers – Strategic community partners will refer small businesses that are enrolled  in or have completed formal technical assistance training. These entities will have  access to private and/or shared office space or open workspace twice a week (subject  to availability), one-on-one consultations with small business capital providers and  exclusive access to the content creation space.  

Community Coworkers – Any small business operating in a high need, high  opportunity area, with revenues less than $1 million, will have the opportunity to take  advantage of the space. A BusinessHQ staff member will meet with a small business  that is requesting access to help identify key need areas. Once a membership is  confirmed, the community coworker can use shared, open workspaces (subject to  availability) and BusinessHQ’s library of resources for six months.  

All small businesses utilizing BusinessHQ can grow as members and gain access to more  benefits once the initial duration of their membership has ended.  

More on BusinessHQ  

A Comerica BusinessHQ Success Manager will oversee general operations of the community  center, which will include client scheduling, event planning and membership operations.  

The approximately 8,000-square-foot area, located at 5201 E. R.L. Thornton, is currently  undergoing renovations. When it reopens in March 2023, it will have clear, engaging signage  illuminated with blue lights at night.