Dominique Bryant-Howell thrives at the intersection of healthcare, finance, and women’s empowerment. A natural leader, Dominique possesses the drive, and innovation of a business owner, the tenacity of an equity seeker and the vision of a humanitarian with an unwavering focus on people, purpose, and profitability.

Bryant-Howell is the President and CEO of a Dallas- based healthcare financial management- consulting firm, Howell Consulting Group. With over 20+ years of experience in the healthcare industry, she is known as a visionary and a subject-matter expert providing innovative solutions through financial and IT services for hospitals and physician practices worldwide, including organizations such as Hawaii Health Systems, Good Shepherd Medical Center, and IASIS Healthcare. Bryant-Howell now uses her experience in healthcare and financial literacy to impact the lives of individuals through her work with the Chris Howell Foundation. Above all, it is her greatest desire to help other women understand who they are, and who they can become–and because of this foundation, that is exactly what she is doing.

Dominique Bryant-Howell | Photo credit: Dominique Bryant-Howell

Bryant-Howell leads teams of consultants that create innovative revenue solutions for resolving critical revenue cycle management issues, improving operations, accelerating cash flow, preventing revenue loss, and system implementation and optimization for hospitals and physician practices globally.

As a women’s empowerment aficionado, she helps women understand who they are and leads them on a journey of discovering who they can become. As a coach, she provides health and wealth guidance and resources that cover topics such as mental health strategies, financial literacy, HIV/AIDS awareness, and prevention, and practical life skills that help to free women from the shackles of poverty, underemployment, toxic relationships, low self-esteem, and health inequities.

For her, the roles of entrepreneur, advocate and philanthropist are showcased in her position as the President and Executive Director of the Chris Howell Foundation. She is the driving force behind improving the quality of life for the most vulnerable through ongoing services like nutritious meal distributions for residents in food deserts, economic and personal empowerment events for women, men, and families and awareness initiatives that address healthcare iniquities impacting people of color disproportionately. She is also the mastermind behind the foundation’s fundraising strategies, continuous programming and resource sharing that uplifts families and moves communities from instability to sustainability and self-sufficiency.