Tenesha Lusk

By Brianna Patt 

Tenesha Lusk is building a realty empire.

Tenesha Lusk did not start out with the real estate industry itself as the foundation of her decision to enter the field.  For Lusk, it was the customer service aspect of business that appealed to her. While working in the financial institution industry, she felt service was a part of her job where she was limited in the service that she could provide them with. With realty, she was offered more agency in a field focused on serving the people.

“ I had control over the destination of what I wanted to accomplish my goals and to be able to give the level of customer service to all my clients. So really, the idea just came from how can I serve people? How can I serve people in that industry that can create an impactful experience? And that’s real estate,” Lusk said.

Lusk began working as a real estate professional in 2011, after working for five years as a management professional. Lusk is now a leading realtor in her field, and in that time she feels she’s grown massively in her field. From networking with professionals within her industry to constantly expanding her knowledge. Through her experience she’s been able to focus on her skills as a negotiator and problem solver to offer her clients the best experience possible when purchasing a home. 

In her time, Lusk has also accumulated a number of specialized skills, which she stated helps her meet her clients where they are at, and be more collaborative.

“Being able to make sure that I get the additional training certifications, designations to be able to meet people where they are and understand where they are and then come together as a team member for them to help them get to the next goal,” Lusk said.’’

Lusk believes that in real estate, it’s best to put people first, to ensure that you really listen to and understand clients rather than listening to respond. Realty, is a people serving industry for her. If you’re looking to establish trust and keep people coming back in the realty field, you have to guide them through the investment process. For Lusk, being a “realtor for life,” is not just a motto, it’s something she works to follow through on. 

“It’s a lifestyle for me. It’s a lifestyle to make sure that  by me being in their world able to give them the experiences whether it’s a movie night, a family day, gifts at wedding anniversaries to be able to celebrate with them through their milestones, even at the transaction, but then also being able to share with them the knowledge that I am acquiring along the way talking about investments,” Lusk said. 

Her goal for the future of her business is to be the Oprah of Real Estate. For those doing business with her to not only come out better, but to be able to stay in a property as a show of appreciation. Something that other realty businesses can’t say they are able to do. 

“I want to be able to sit at the closing table and say hey, congratulations, thank you for using Tenesha Lusks Realty Group. As a show of our honor and our gratefulness, here’s a free weekend stay in our vacation home. Who’s doing that? Just helping people to say hey, no matter what’s going on in your life, I see you, I hear you and I still want the best for you.”