Photo Credit: Jai Love and Swin City

Texas is more than just football, time to catch up!

By Rashad Miller

It’s Sunday afternoon, there’s jerseys lined up on a couple of cafeteria tables at Trinity Leadership in Cedar Hill. You hear sneakers squeaking and basketballs hitting the hardwood as you make your way to the gymnasium. There’s already young ball players warming up for the first of five games being played this evening. In the midst of all this, there’s a man with headphones on his neck and a camera in his hand making sure everyone is “good” while passing out water and fist bumps. His name is Tony Swindle and this is his story. 

Swindle started out as a trainer in 2007, he then transitioned to exposure camps and started envisioning himself having a Drew League or Dyckman Pro-Am (one of Tony’s mentors is the founder of the Dyckman league, Ken Stevens) league in the DFW Metroplex to showcase the basketball talents of both young men and women. Tony’s original goals were to conquer the world of corporate America, but was told by someone he calls “SJ”, Kenneth Pannell, and Chris Skinner (founder of OKC’s Skinz League), Rob Wright, Dave Britain that basketball and starting his own league was a part of his calling. In 2018, with twenty seven dollars in his pocket, he went through with the idea and hasn’t looked back.

Tony Swindle (c) gathers with players for a group photo | Photo Credit: Jai Love and Swin City

Originally they were called the “She’s Up” and “He’s Next” leagues, but while listening to Kanye West’s track “Lost in the World,” he was inspired to create the names that you now see today. The Chosen City games showcase college bound players to scouts and spectators alike, showing what the metroplex has to offer. High Schoolers also participate in a game dedicated to first responders in September.Collegiate and professional players like Isaiah Austin, Terrel Harris, Carlik Jones, Dink Pate, Emmanuel Mudiay, Odyssey Sims, and others from the Lone Star State including Tony’s own daughter, Jayla Johnson have also graced the court for this league. 

There’s also the Pink October game dedicated to the late Tiffany Jackson-Jones, who played in the WNBA for multiple seasons, coaching at the University of Texas and the countless others affected by breast cancer and its survivors. Jackson-Jones passed away in October of 2022, a week before last year’s game. Swindle’s goal is to give opportunity, knowledge, and to achieve a higher self in order to grow in the game as well as life. If you want to support, follow Swin City on social media at @swincityleague, @thechosencity, @pinkoctoberdfw, and @swincitymag. 

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