The founder of the Buffalo Soldier Memorial announced that the grand opening and dedication of the memorial is set for July 28-30, 2023, for an exciting 3-day weekend. 

“We have planned and raised funds for just over a year, and we are now ready to make the memorial a reality,” said Sherley L. Spears, founder of the memorial.  Positive Customer Impact 

After assembling a core team of business and community leaders, local vendors and key  funders, the memorial team will delight the community with this one-of-a-kind memorial that  gives honor to the four Black regiments who served the country in the U. S. Army after the civil  war. The memorial is designed to be an interactive and interpretive space with 10 – 8’  monuments that provide history about various topics and soldiers who made an impact to the  Buffalo soldier American story. During the weekend celebration, the team has partnered with  various organizations and planned activities and programming from across the San Angelo  community, and special guest presenters from Arizona and Maryland. Activities will be family  friendly and even offer childcare services during the Friday night honors and recognition  banquet. Community partners include National Historic Landmark Fort Concho, San Angelo 

State Park, San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, the city of San Angelo, the Boy Scouts, Girl  Scouts, Y.M.C.A. and several other groups.  

“The experience of creating this memorial has been one of excitement and joy. We have been blessed to receive support from various donors and grants from Humanities Texas, San  Angelo Area Foundation, San Angelo Area Foundation, San Angelo Chamber of Commerce and  Destination Marketing, and a tremendous amount of volunteer hours from community residents  and professionals” said Sherley L. Spears, Founder of the memorial.  

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All project vendors are local, and minority owned companies. This was a critical and  non-negotiable requirement of the founder to ensure there was economic return to the  community. “The name of the memorial gives honor to the legacy of the local National  Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and is a testament to the amazing  work that the local organization has done in this community since 1946 while honoring the  amazing history of the Buffalo Soldiers”, said Sherley L. Spears, Founder of the memorial, and  immediate past President of the local NAACP Branch.  

This memorial is long overdue and will expand and increase tourism for an important  untold history in this community. Without these soldiers, the completion of the development of  San Angelo would have been vastly different. Their story will finally have its place of honor.  

Information about the memorial weekend can be found on the website at: Registration for events and activities must be made by July  15, 2023.