Photo Credit: Rick Fogerty

By Lena Foster

With his commitment to his craft and his cowboy hat, Rick Fogerty, also known as Cowboy Rick, transitioned from his computer consulting career to create a legacy-building real estate photography empire. 

AccuPhotography is an official LGBT Business Enterprise, certified by The National LGBT Chamber of Commerce, that provides professional real estate photography and media services to Dallas. Although AccuPhotography services everyone, the business’ primary target audience is the LGBTQ+ community and allies. 

AccuPhotography offers services including: residential real estate photography, HD video tour, 3D virtual tours, matterport 3D tour, virtual staging, floor plans, property website designing and real estate agent portraits. Fogerty recently became a certified drone pilot by the Federal Aviation Administration and can now offer aerial photography and aerial videography with insurance included.

Fogerty delivers clients media that they can use to market the property as effectively and efficiently and as quickly as possible. According to Fogerty, although cell phone work is acceptable and used in the industry, professional camera work is essential for producing top-notch imagery and media. 

Fall 2022 Impact Growth Accelerator Program cohort | Photo Credit: Impact Ventures Site

Fogerty also emphasized the importance of paying attention to technical details with photo taking and making sure photos are quality-driven and square in order to show the full effects and elements of the property.

“I just can’t emphasize how important it is to have good media when you’re trying to sell somebody’s home,” Fogerty said. “Hiring a professional photographer steps up the game. They’re gonna get better results.” 

Fogerty has been a resident of Dallas for over 30 years. After working for multinational corporations and local computer consulting companies, Fogerty decided, during the pandemic, to switch gears and pursue a different route.

“I had to make a decision. Do I want to continue doing computer consulting work, which is basically what I’ve been doing since I graduated college? Or do I want to do something different?” Fogerty said. 

Fogerty wanted to use his minor in mass communication to help him figure out what he wanted to pursue, and after solidifying his interest in photography, he researched various types of photography and developed a passion for real estate photography. 

However, Fogerty knew that in order to accelerate his business’ success, given his previous experience working in a larger company setting and only having one specific job and now having to run a business on his own, he had to seek professional assistance. 

“I’m now on an island by myself and I have to do everything. Things move extremely slow when you’re trying to do everything yourself. And I just thought, ‘Gosh, I need some help somehow’,” Fogerty said. 

Fogerty discovered Impact Venture’s Impact Growth Accelerator Program, a 12-week innovation and technology-focused program that provides resources, guidance, knowledge and support to BIPOC, women and minority businesses. Being a person within and an avid supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, Fogerty joined the Fall 2022 cohort as the oldest member with the youngest and only LGBTQ+ business. 

With flexible class sessions for full-time and part-time business owners, the program highlights the push for alleviating business barriers and equity wage gaps in order for those involved to receive the professional networking, proper education and financial assets needed to develop their businesses. 

Upon initiation of the program, Fogerty was given a roadmap with various divisions of focus that also detailed different levels of achievement within each division. Fogerty also completed a self evaluation in the beginning of the program, which helped him realize what he had accomplished and what he still needed to work on by the end of the program. 

“The program really helped me. It gave me clarity on what to focus on and the different ways you can advance in these different categories,” Fogerty said. 

Fogerty completed the program in December 2022 and still engages with those involved in the program along with other community and national affiliates and business partners. 

Some of AccuPhotography’s active affiliations include, but aren’t limited to: Professional Photographers of America, Texas Professional Photographers Association, Dallas Professional Photographers Association, The National LGBT Chamber of Commerce, Copyright Alliance, MetroTex, Impact Ventures and North Texas LGBT Chamber of Commerce. 

According to Fogerty, networks within the community have allowed him to support other businesses and has helped him get the tools and aid he needs. Connecting and working with various business partners has also helped him deliver what his business promises. 

“Having those local connections is super important because they can usually help you out in some way,” Fogerty said. “I also have business partners that I’m working with that help me provide the services that my business offers.”

Fogerty is in the process of making AccuPhotography a registered trademark, which he shared would be a major milestone for the business. He plans on developing AccuPhotography then selling it in the future.

 “I would love to be able to sell my business. And sell it to someone in the LGBT community,” Fogerty said.