Artist Lakeem Uses Art to Deliver Empowering Messages to the Black Community

By Lynn Pearcey

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that truism resonates strongly with artist Lakeem Wilson. A native of South Dallas and graduate of the University of Texas, Lakeem is one of the most promising young artists on the scene today. Originality has always been his calling card, but more than anything, it’s his approach that helps him stand out in the crowd. “I view art as a means of communicating, not just something to be purchased and hung on a wall. Every time I sit down to create a piece, my goal is to tap into the audience’s subconscious in a manner that evokes positive change,” says Lakeem. 

Lakeem views art as more of a living language than a static piece of work. “The Black community needs as many communication mediums as possible. We need messages that empower, inspire, and, most importantly, reveal America’s hidden parts. Words are fine, but words don’t always get the job done. Protests have a time and place too, but we can do only so much talking and walking. With these things in mind, I’m constantly pushing myself to be an artist who uses my gift to deliver a message, not just one who makes art.”

His work has been featured nationwide including Orlando and Austin where he created awe-inspiring murals that beautify and, true to form, communicate. “I have a gift, but my charge is to share it with others in a way that prompts them to think about their gifts and the contributions they can make. No matter how large or small, everyone has a gift and tapping into and embracing it is how we make our world a better place.”

B.E.A.M.S. is the acronym Lakeem lives by and one that guides his every move, both as an artist and a man. “B.E.A.M.S.” means Black Elevation Always Motivates Society, and if you stop and think about it, you’ll see it’s true. From music to culture, culinary, fashion — you name it, our imprint is everywhere, and the powerful point that I feel so many of us miss is that the world takes its cues from us. When we rise – when we elevate — the world follows.”

With each passing year, he becomes more confident in his craft as it evolves, and he does the same. “I’m always looking to grow, always trying to find ways to nurture and expand my message and author change on both a micro and macro level.”  Lakeem views men like Michael Ray Charles, John Yancy, and the legendary Frank Frazier as his mentors. “All these men and others are constantly pouring into my life and challenging me to be the best version of myself, making a difference with my gift, inspiring others to do the same with theirs.”