In 2020, Devyn Walker embarked on a journey to establish Transcend Wellness: a safe space offering BIPOC individuals a community for therapeutic and wellness services. Walker’s motivation was prompted by a personal tragedy; discovering her father’s suicide. Through therapy and yoga, Walker discovered the tools necessary to begin her own mind-body restoration. Despite the instrumental role played by her initial therapists and yoga teachers as allies on this journey, it was only when she connected with those who looked like her that she experienced true empowerment and transformed her life. This experience inspired her to establish Transcend; a mind-body boutique specializing in wellness services not only for the BIPOC communities but our allies as well.

Photo Credit: Transcend Wellness Site

Transcend provides an oasis where one can achieve greater harmony and inner balance. By embracing every aspect of oneself, you will unlock a more joyful and healthier life overall – and in doing so, pave the way for change that will resound throughout your community. Transcend Wellness aims to provide a place of safety and community for BIPOC individuals, through therapeutic and wellness services.

Photo Credit: Transcend Wellness