Tiffany Jones-Lewis, a women’s fashion designer exclusively for tall women, was born in Memphis, TN. Jones’ fashion journey began at the age of 14 when her mother invested in her first sewing machine. Standing 6’1, she became interested in sewing when she found it difficult to shop for clothing items that fit her tall frame.  Focused on everyday wear, she specializes in pants, suit, floor length dresses and jumpsuits for women 5’9” and taller. Her goal has always been to help women feel beautiful day to day without the stress of shopping. 

She joined the military in 2011 and later finished her college journey online. She graduated with her business degree from the University of Memphis in 2016, later earning a Fashion Technology degree in 2021 and later earning her master’s in leadership in 2023. She used her skills from the military, college and fashion school to create a business.

 She began the journey of TJL Collection in 2019, a brand named after her father (Jones) and husband (Lewis), who pushed her to believe that she could start her brand. The brand has become a personal community effort to bring more awareness to the lack of inclusion. She believes that tall women are overlooked and underserved in the fashion industry, and she uses her voice to create change. 

Outside of fashion, she loves to connect with women through events. She has produced more than 10 fashion shows, hosts numerous networking events and hosts an annual vision board party and Annual Tall Girl Meet Up. She believes that confidence starts from the inside and radiates out. There is power in women coming together. 

 Jones has a natural desire to continue to connect with women and youth through fashion. She loves to meet people and grow with other creatives. Fashion is a way of life.