Victoria Warford was born in Racine, WI In February of 1997, but her life didn’t actually start until moved to Milwaukee, WI with her father at 9 years old. Prior to discovering what life actually was at 9, she resided with her mother, her husband, and her 3 siblings. 

It wasn’t until she moved with her father and stepmom that she discovered what a family felt like, what healthy communication and trust felt like and most importantly, what it felt like to be loved. As a daughter and just as a human being. 

Fast forward 9 more years, her family and she moved to Dallas, TX once she graduated highschool. The first job she landed here was a cashier at Walmart and later on she landed her first corporate job with an insurance agency. Shortly after moving here, she would get a DM on instagram in 2017 from a club called Villa, asking if she wanted to come in to interview for a bottle girl position. She was 20 and didn’t quite know what a bottle girl was.

She got the job and ended up loving it. The connections she made, the outfits she got to wear, the additional money she made- everything about the job and industry became fun and passionate for me.

A year later, she had an interview with a promotional group called ‘INCROWD’. She left Villa and began working at the infamous club ‘LEVEL’, under INCROWD. This is where 75% of her relationships within the industry were established. Everybody was at INCROWD events, no matter what club we promoted for. Every weekend she met new people, creating new relationships and being introduced to so many opportunities within this industry.

Fast forward to September of 2022, the owner of INCROWD opens his own club called The Garden. Which means she no longer promotes or works at other venues since she has her own home now. She became cocktail manager a month after opening & a month later she earned another promotion, becoming the club manager. She quit her 9-5 in the insurance industry after 6 years to take a leap of faith and focus on this new journey!

Warfords responsibilities range from hiring staff, to payroll, to making sure any and all events are established, planned and running smoothly, monitoring our back office systems to guarantee smooth transactions throughout the night, updating our apps for organized VIP service, keeping track of sales, monitoring staff responsibilities and most importantly ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the night.

Each night at The Garden offers a different vibe and generates a different environment to fit the needs of any and everyone:

Fridays: “confessions” – all R&B NO trap! This is perfect if you love a vibe where you can sing your heart out but also want to be in a good environment surrounded by drinks and friends as well.

Saturdays: “one of those nights”. The experience is in the name itself! This is a moderns day hip hop based vibe for everyone who wants to have ONE OF THOSE NIGHTS….

Sundays: “ladies love brunch”. This is a brunch menu filled with chicken and waffles, catfish and grits, mimosa towers and bottle and drinks specials from 4-10pm.

She was blessed with the opportunity to take something she had a passion for and transform it into a career. This industry has taught her so much about herself that she didn’t even know she was capable of it until she took a chance and changed her environment.