Tameka Davis is no newcomer to hard work and deification. A mother of one, Davis is a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a B.S. in Marketing. After college she went on to join one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world as a Customer Assistant, assisting DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) customers with their home phone and internet.
She quickly moved her way up the ladder until she landed in Dallas, TX as a Chief of Staff.

After nine years, Davis decided that she wanted more and resigned from a career she thought she would retire from. She left corporate America and set her sights on entrepreneurship.

Tameka Davis

In 2018 she and a friend, Myer Johnson, created the brand Vogue Hair and went on to open Vogue Hair Showroom & Salon. Vogue Hair specializes in raw and virgin hair extensions with a full-service salon that can seats up to 8 hairstylists. With a newly renovated location in the sought-after Design District, the 4,500 sq ft hair showroom & salon is a customer’s oasis. It includes, an in-house martini bar and clothing boutique called That’s Vogue.

Tameka Davis

But it doesn’t stop there, Tameka and her partner, Torrey Adams, founded Victor’s Restaurant & Bar in January 2023. Victor’s Restaurant & Bar is situated just 2 miles west of the Bishop Arts District. It is definitely one of DFW’s hot spots to catch a vibe. It offers a clever menu of cocktails, southern food selections, along with the latest in Hip Hop and R&B.
Davis isn’t stopping there. She has her sights set on expanding her business endeavors into the lucrative real estate investment realm.

We all know the saying “The Sky Is the Limit” but there’s a huge solar system above it that you can’t see; so, keep reaching.