I am the proud founder of CourDiva’s Cards and Invitations, a dynamic Black woman-owned stationery business.  I am passionate about weaving creativity and culture into my products. 

As a Black woman-owned business, my journey is one of determination, empowerment, and the pursuit of excellence. 

How did I get started? I have always had a love affair with paper, books, pens, and all things stationery related.  I started making invitations in 2007 when I made my first set for a wedding. I became enchanted with creating products that set the tone for my customers’ events. 

My thoughts were, the invitation is the first glimpse into your event for your guests. So why not set the stage for what’s to come???  

How did I start making planners? As a child I always kept a diary. You know the one with the lock and key?  It was red with a gold lock and I was obsessed with it.   My love for journals and planners therefore came quite naturally.

The only problem I had was finding something that represented me. With this void, I began to piece various store-bought collections together to get the look I wanted. As you can imagine I acquired quite the collection of planners.

After I couldn’t sanely make another planner for myself, I started making them for family and friends who loved the finished pieces, and here we are today. 

I continue to create beautifully inclusive pieces to make a difference in the world. 

My mission is to provide representation to the underrepresented. I am dedicated to creating tools and products that help people find their inspiration, fuel their motivation, and achieve their elevation…one planner, pen, or card at a time.