The Dream Chaser Film which chronicles the life and career of hip-hop star, Lil Snupe, is being screened at DocuFest 2021 in Dallas.

The rising hip hop star was fatally wounded days after his eighteenth birthday in 2013.  This documentary tells his story of self-determination and his would-be rise in the hip-hop world. 

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On June 20, 2013, Addarren Ross “Lil Snupe” was shot and killed two months into a record deal with Hip Hop artist Meek Mill’s record label Dream Chasers. Coming from a small town, the rising star aspired to be a rapper and exhausted all of his efforts to achieve his goal. Though his end was tragic, his mark on the music industry leaves others inspired and using his example to achieve their own dreams. In this documentary, Lil Snupe’s family and friends reflect on his life, his art and share their thoughts on the bright future that once stood before him.

Filmmaker Rahim Handy remarks, “It’s the story of a kid who was killed seven days after his 18th birthday and the pieces that his mother has to put [back] together.”  He continues, “it’s to inspire other people and say, ‘let me go just as hard’.”

The film is directed by Rahim Handy and Michael Emokhor, and executive produced by Denesha Ross.  Screening at the final VideoFest on September 30.  Visit for more details.

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