Photo Credit: Chase Kennedy (via Twitter)

Position: Defensive End (WS)

School: Episcopal School of Dallas

Player #: 7

Grade: Senior

The Episcopal School of Dallas (ESD) is known to produce some of the most revered young talent in the Metroplex. Many of the nation’s most dynamic and influential people — who have called North Texas home — have walked its hallways and are proud to count themselves amongst the historic school’s alumni. While ESD’s vast history precedes itself, there are still new chapters being added to its story every day. Senior Chase Kennedy has been more than willing to pick up the pen and add his contribution to the school’s long-standing tradition of excellence.

Chase Kennedy is an exuberant and immensely intelligent young man with a heart every bit as big as his game on the field. And his heart only slightly pales in comparison to the warmth of his smile. Chase is a kind-hearted young man who has spent tireless hours in the classroom, on the practice field and in his community, lending a helping hand.

A multi-sport athlete almost his entire life, Kennedy’s love of sports was inherited from his mother, a longtime basketball player and coach. His natural gifts were first honed at St. Philip’s School and Community Center, where he was a member of the football, basketball and lacrosse teams. Now focused on the former two, Chase is optimistic that his performances in his chosen endeavors will more than illustrate his value to college programs nationwide.

Chase Kennedy 247 Sports Profile:

At a mobile 6-foot, 4-inches, and 225 lbs., Chase Kennedy is a near-nightmare for opposing offensive linemen. Kennedy’s size and wingspan brings strength to the weak-side edge of head coach Richard Williams’ defense — the one you would prefer to gameplan away from. His presence has already garnered the attention of University of Illinois and Kansas State, among others

Complimenting those that he has achieved on the field, Chase boasts a long list of academic accomplishments. With many areas of interest, the high school senior hesitates to declare a major from outside the school gates, but shows an aptitude for numerous different fields of study. Chase has already proven his ability to excel at anything that he commits his time and effort to.

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Along with the subsequent recruitment sweepstakes, Chase Kennedy’s senior high school football season still has weeks remaining. As college recruitment letters — imploring him to imagine himself at each institution — roll in, Kennedy’s mind and heart remain with his Eagles as they campaign to add another state championship to the legacy of ESD.

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