My journey in music began back in 2017 after I decided to finally put aside my fears and use my God given talents. Though I’ve had a passion for the arts (visual, acting, dancing) I was always drawn to writing. At the early age of 6, I started writing poems which eventually progressed into rapping during my early adolescence and early 20’s. 

Growing up I was shy and very insecure regarding my features ( dark skin, wide nose and kinky hair.) Back then I was known as the quiet girl in the back of the class that hardly spoke. There were many times when I felt very small. Now I write and make music to help empower others who are given every reason to not feel powerful as I was. I keep my neo soul aesthetic with Afro hair to be the woman I needed to see as a child. 

Sheila Nicole

My music is for those who want to feel inspired or even trip down memory lane with my retro sound. My latest project is called “Just 4 You”. The song is about messages I would say to my younger self. I look forward to releasing another project in Summer 2022. 

With my music I hope to give to others, with what I struggled to give to my younger self, empowerment, love, and encouragement. 

What Black Music Month Means to Me:

To me Black Music Month means a celebration and acknowledgment of the contribution our people have made through music. Black Music Month for the culture means that we are able to not only acknowledge and celebrate but to also educate younger generations of the milestones that have been made through our music and the power they possess to do the same. 

  • Sheila Nicole from Dallas, Oakcliff, Texas

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