CC the Great is an award-winning celebrity master hairstylist, mentor,

coach, licensed faith-based counselor, professor of cosmetology, 2 time

number one international best seller author, and the creator and director

of Next Level Cosmetology Camp for Kids. This program is the first of it’s

kind for kids ages 9-17 with a focus on cosmetology, entrepreneurship,

finances, sisterhood, hygiene, and mental health.

She is the creator of Married and Proud a retreat that helps couples under

40 empower their marriages, The Big Hat Boss Brunch an annual brunch

that gives mentoring and empowerment to female entrepreneurs, and Mo

Betta Beat a mental health awareness concert that sheds light on mental

health to name a few. 

She is the author of Hair University a textbook that she created when she

made history as the first professor of cosmetology for Tarrant County

College and their cosmetology program. CC the Great’s book Girl, Hold

Your Own Damn Purse!  A guide to taking responsibility for yourself

became a number one international Bestseller in codependency self-help

and motivation in just under 8 hours on the largest bookstore on the

planet Amazon. Her follow up to Girl, Hold Your Own Damn Purse! The

guide to healing yourself went number 1 in new release for codependency

in 4 hours and 30 minutes on Amazon 11.11.2021! Her expertise has been

featured in Voyage Magazine, Southern Bride Magazine, Encore HD

Magazine, True Life Magazine, and Swag Her Magazine.