By Brahmani Tirumalaraju

Becoming Jane: The Evolution of Dr. Jane Goodall Exhibit: 

About two week ago, The Perot Museum of Nature and Science hosted a memorable day for all media members to be immersed in the world of innovation, research, and creativity through the brilliant “Becoming Jane: The Evolution of Dr. Jane Goodall” exhibition. With the incredible interactive spaces and film projectories, the entire exhibit brought out the extraordinary life of Jane Goodall and her journey with studying chimpanzees. Dr. Goodall’s groundbreaking findings did not merely introduce a new perspective into science as a whole, but propelled a generation full of scientists to further examine and reevaluate past findings towards accuracy and growth.

The exhibition explained Dr. Goodall research by introducing the base facts and key ideas that motivated her ambitions. This included pages specifically from her research, documentary scenes in Tanzania, and a few models/figures depicting the chimpanzees in their natural environment.

The different models and boards illustrated the families of chimps and their general life style. One can learn the extreme dangers that the chimps experience, all while learning about what kind of sounds the chimps can make when in their homes to communicate with the others. Throughout the exhibit, the specific findings and facts about chimpanzees and their habits are revealed, gradually insisting the viewers/audience to recognize crucial conclusions. The chimpanzees using tools, in specific, was the ground breaker that highly questions the similarities between humans and chimps.

Now we must redefine ‘tool,’ redefine ‘man,’ or accept chimpanzees as human.

Dr. Louis Leaky, on learning from Jane Goodall that chimpanzees use tools in the wild
                                                                      Picture taken at the Perot Museum

Not only does this exhibit appeal to adults, but kids surely would love it! The vibrant photographies of the different habitats along with the chimpanzees detailed life styles all seemed like a perfect place for children to learn and grasp the knowledge of a scientific journey. The spaces also included different interactive games that welcomed the visitors to play and test their abilities compared to the actual chimpanzees, making the entire experience more interesting and engaging. A popular area, particularly, lied in the “big words.” I spoke with one of the workers walking around in the exhibit and he shared a few thoughts with me.

I see that a lot of the visitors previously loved the large “information boards;” they like to spend a while really trying to understand the research and discuss the impact that it has created.

My personal favorite was the letters and documents that were displayed along with Dr. Goodall’s accolades. It was intriguing to physically see some of the unknown exchanges and the meaningful outcomes in her life not only being a renowned scientist, but a dedicated individual with a simple goal in mind. Getting to know Dr. Goodall’s research and her life through this exhibit truly was incredible, and having the opportunity to visit was enlightening. The inspiration and knowledge portrayed by the ‘Becoming Jane’ exhibit stood an unforgettable experience, and no one should miss it!

                                                                   Picture taken at the Perot Museum

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