Photo Credit: Prelindaba Lavender Dallas
Photo Credit: Prelindaba Lavender Dallas

Thursday DW attended a one-of-a-kind activation party and it was all about the experience of Lavender.

Pelindaba Lavender, located at the Galleria mall, provided an experience for guests to enjoy a lavender cooking session, product sampling, lavender hand massages and more! The event was hosted by owner Belinda Bush, who is also the first Black female owner of the franchise in it’s 24 years of existence.

Store owner, Belinda Bush. Photo Credit: Prelindaba Lavender Dallas

Pelindaba Lavender is a premier grower of lavender plants, distiller of lavender essential oils and specializes in handcrafting  lavender-based products. What started out as an idea and project to execute for sustainability, has now become “a successful self-sustaining agriculture-based business model that successfully harnesses mutually compatible farming, manufacturing, marketing and agritourism activities that are as environmentally sound and enhancing as they are economically rewarding.”

Store owner, Belinda Bush not only had guests basking in the vast product line like body butter, candles, oil and lavender infused water. She was also sure to educate her guests on the many ways lavender is beneficial to the body and the household. Even providing a take home guide on how and when to use lavender.

If you want to experience this lavender ac titivation be sure to stop by the Galleria and visit Pelindaba Lavender today.

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