By Scott Blair 

The state of Texas has 48.6% new lung cancer cases per 100,000 citizens each year. We are 10th among all states, which over the past five years, have improved by 11%.

Texas has a below-average early diagnosis rate and a below-average survival rate. The state ranks bottom-tier for screening, surgical treatment, and lack of treatment. In 2022, 16.1% of lung cancer cases in Texas required surgery as their first treatment. The national rate is 21%.

5 Year Survival Rate in Texas

The lung cancer survival rate five years after being diagnosed is 24%, and the national average is 25%. Texas ranked 27th out of the 46 states surveyed. The survival rate improved by 16% from the previous five-year period. For those who received an early diagnosis, the survival rate is 61%. For those with a “regional” diagnosis, meaning cancer has spread to lymph nodes, the survival rate is 34%. If the cancer is considered “distant,” meaning it has metastasized [grown] , the survival rate is 7%, while if there are unstaged tumors, the survival rate is 10%.

Stage at Diagnosis

In Texas, 23% of lung cancer cases are caught in the early stages compared to the national average of 26%. However, the early diagnosis rate in Texas has improved by 9% over the last five years. 

Lack of Treatment in Texas

Texas ranks near the bottom in lack of cancer treatment. They were 47th out of the 49 states surveyed. Twenty-eight percent of cases don’t receive any treatment whatsoever. The national rate is 21%., and these statistics haven’t significantly changed over the past five years. 

Cancer In the Black Community

Black people have the highest cancer rate and shortest survival rate of any ethnic/minority community in the US. In 2022, there are an expected 224,080 new cancer cases and over 70,000 deaths due to cancer among black people. Black men have a 6% higher incidence rate and a 19% higher mortality rate than white men, and Black women have a 6% lower incidence rate than white women but a 12% higher death rate. 

The largest disparity is with stomach and prostate cancers as well as myeloma [bone marrow cancer]. The death rates are twice as high with these types of cancer for Black people than for white people. 

There are 59 new lung cancer cases per 100,000 Black people annually. Black people in Texas have a five-year survival rate of 20%, while 21.4% receive an early diagnosis. 

Diet & Physical Activity for Cancer Prevention

  • Achieve & Maintain Healthy Bodyweight
  • Be Physically Active
  • Follow a Healthy Eating Pattern
  • Refrain From Alcohol

In the US and Texas Black people are at a disadvantage when it comes to cancer and lung cancer. Both men and women face certain challenges with being diagnosed with cancer and mortality rates. However, with the proper diet and physical activity routine some of the cancer and lung cancer cases in the Black community can be prevented.

*As always, seek medical advice before starting any diet or exercise program.