Dallas Weekly and Blacks At Microsoft (BAM) hosted the first Black Tech Month event DATE. The two groups collaborated with the goal of creating a space for Black tech enthusiasts, those simply interested in entry into the industry, and established tech industry members could meet and discuss ideas and issues pertinent to the African American community.

Co-host Casey Morris, Consultant to Microsoft Federal, helped organize a speakers and panel of industry professionals, community leaders, and colleagues. The focus of the conversation was entry into tech. The purpose being to provide information and guidance to those who want to move into tech but have no idea how. Speaker Quiana Latham, Technical Sources on the Diversity Team at Microsoft, who spoke about her experience transitioning into Tech and life at Microsoft, spoke with Casey via Microsoft Teams to the audience.

The Dallas Weekly COO Jessica Washington moderated the panel that covered topics including the advantages and disadvantages of remote work, recruitment & interviewing skills, and navigating the culture at your organization or place of employment. Patrick Washington, The Dallas Weekly CEO, spoke to attendees about the history of their local Black-owned publication, and the importance of creating generational wealth by accessing higher-paying opportunities or through entrepreneurship.

Panelist included Armando Cantu, Executive Director of the CARDBoard Project, which focuses on providing access, affordability, devices, and digital skills training to communities around South Dallas, Mei Ling, Sr. Business Program Manager for Microsoft, who streamed in from Taiwan, spoke about hacking and optimizing your LinkedIn profile, Courtney Hicks, a sourcing and HR guru working at Microsoft, who spoke about transferable skills and corporate culture, and Casey Morris, Consultant to Microsoft Federal who served as event host and liaison to Microsoft.

The events will be followed up with a LinkedIn page to bolster further connection and conversation, and future events surrounding tech. If you attended and didn’t complete the attendee survey use this link to fill out the short questionnaire.

Were you unable to attend? We would still love your feedback, concerns, or questions about upcoming events and what you would like to see. Please reach out to admin@blktechdfw.com for all the above.