Photo credit: MLK Community Center

What is LIRA?

Leadership, Integrity, Respect and Accountability [L.I.R.A], was started by my sister and I wanting to create a way to give back to the Dallas Community. We have formed a team who have dedicated their sole purpose in life to serving, educating and developing the lives of those who may not have means or the ability that others are privy to. LIRA allows us to create many programs with different ways to give back. Our programs include JOURNEY, Next Steps (formally Comfort for College) is an action-driven program that strives to support students who are in need of essential materials when they choose to commit to the collegiate lifestyle. My Cup is a program that desires to provide intentional physical and mental support to the homeless population in Dallas. Our main goal is to provide love, hope and comfort through our giving. We are committed to the development, coaching, promoting, and teaching of life skills to underserved youth and adults.

Who Are LIRA?

We, Court Jones and Dionne Hilliard, are sisters, mothers, business professionals that hold master’s degrees from HR to Executive Business. Our business background provides us with the tools and strategic thinking skills needed to plan and create events and community programs that reach a multitude of people in an impactful way. Courtney Jones, President and backbone of this organization is known for her relentless strength, organizational skills and leadership. She is responsible for keeping everything in line with running a non-profit [ also known as a 501 c3]. Dionne Hilliard, Vice President and visionary makes sure our events are fun and bright to match our outgoing personalities. We also have a Program Director, Ericka Grate, who lends a hand in making sure each event, program, and opportunity meets the standards mission of LIRA.