Dallas residents are beginning to feel the effects of the FCC’s landline shutdown order, which has many concerned about their connection’s future.

Data reveals nearly one-third of US households still use a landline service, with over 456,400 users in Dallas. But unfortunately, all major providers like AT&T and Verizon are shutting down their traditional landlines in this area. 

Alex, a 62-year Dallas resident, received a letter from AT&T in June notifying him about the termination of their copper landlines. 

“It was a relatively short letter. It mentioned AT&T would be discounting their copper landlines starting in August. But it also said we could opt for their VoIP landline plans.

Most residents feel uncomfortable setting up extensive and costly fiber optic lines across their homes and offices. The same is with Alex. 

“I never thought I’d be required to switch to an internet setup to keep calling my grandkids just like this. But maybe there’s no way around now.”

Landlines are still in use today.

Many people think smartphones have replaced landlines. But they’re still widely used across the US, with over 100 million landline users nationwide! 

They’re widespread among senior citizens who feel uncomfortable using smartphones or modern-day internet-based landlines. Research suggests 75% of all users aged 75 or older have landlines in their homes. 

Landlines are also more reliable and secure, which is why many households prefer them over internet-based communication sources. 

With that at hand, it’s clear that landlines are here to stay, though not in the same form. Copper wire landlines rely on an old-school technology that makes them expensive, inefficient, and hard to maintain. 

But Community Phone came up with an effective landline solution that has revolutionized the landline industry ever since. Its landlines run off phone towers and don’t require an internet or copper wire connection. As they’re based on the cellular network, you won’t need to install a wired setup across your home or office. 

So, though copper landlines will no longer work in Dallas, Community Phone is here to back you up. Community Phone’s mission is to provide easy-to-use landlines and keep them alive for senior citizens. 

Landline deregulation by the FCC

FCC’s landline shutdown order 19-72 finally allowed prominent telecommunication providers to cease their copper landline operations. 

As copper landlines operate on an old networking infrastructure with many limitations, they’re ineffective for users and telecommunication services. So, extensive telecommunication services like AT&T and Verizon are switching to VoIP landlines to offer more profitable communication services to their users. 

For instance, these companies were required to install dedicated copper landlines for all users. As a single fiber optic cable offers large bandwidth, they can use a single internet connection to distribute their services among various users. 

On top of that, these providers can also offer internet and TV subscriptions via the same cables to increase their profitability and product offerings. 

That said, FCC’s landline shutdown order 19-72 started to take effect in August 2022. So, many telecommunication providers have already ceased their copper landlines in Dallas, leaving the residents a big worry. 

Telecom Companies are phasing Out Copper Wire Service

As mentioned, many telecommunication providers are phasing out their copper-based landline services due to their limitations. Advanced solutions like TV and the Internet are set to drastically improve their profitability due to greater demand and easier delivery. 

On top of that, telecommunication providers can offer bundled services to class up their profitability further. They can deliver the Internet, telecommunication service, and TV streaming through a single fiber optic connection. 

Also, the high bandwidth of fiber optic makes it helpful in serving many users with one connection only. Other than that, fiber optic cables are relatively easier to maintain compared to copper wires. 

They’re also a more future-proof solution for users’ networking needs. Apart from that, they provide improved security to ensure encrypted networking and communications. 

But despite knowing fiber optic landlines would dramatically improve their profitability, telecom companies were limited to continuing their copper landlines due to FCC regulations. FCC order 19-72 ended these regulations, permitting telecom services to cease their copper landlines. 

Since its effect in August 2022, most telecom providers have switched to VoIP-based landlines. But many residents, particularly senior citizens, seek another alternative to their copper landlines. 

When Will Dallas Residents Lose Their Landline Service?

Most providers still need to clarify when they will cease their existing copper-wire landlines in Dallas. But considering how fast they spread fiber optic connections across Dallas, it’s easy to say that time is not far away. 

Whichever landline provider you use may end their copper landline service one area at a time or all at once. Most telecom providers offer users to rewire with fiber optic, but it can be tempting and expensive. 

So, you’re left with two options: get your copper landline disconnected or switch to their VoIP landline alternative. 

Internet-Based Phone Service is Limited

The internet-based VoIP landlines are evolving fast, but they have certain downsides. 

First and foremost, VoIP landlines require a high-speed and stable Internet connection to work correctly. If your Internet transfer speed is insufficient, it will transfer the data in real-time, and you might face a laggy calling experience. So, using a VoIP landline will require subscribing to high-speed internet, which can be costly. 

Secondly, VoIP landlines generally don’t work during power outages. As the power runs out, your internet will shut down, cutting off your communications. This way, Internet-based landlines will be useless during emergencies and are an unreliable communication solution. 

A Reliable Landline Phone Service Alternative

Copper landlines are shutting down, but VoIP landlines are inadequate; what to do?

That’s where Community Phone comes in. It’s a wireless landline provider offering an effective and reliable landline service in Dallas. As you sign up with Community Phone, it delivers a landline base to your address. It connects to a nearby cell phone tower to enable communication with your loved ones.

Further aiding its versatility is its 12-hour battery backup that keeps you connected to your loved ones and emergency services during power outages. In addition, its easy setup ensures you don’t have to contact a technician to set up your Community Phone landline. The wireless setup also gives you locational flexibility so you can place the base device anywhere across your home or office. 

Community Phone’s landlines also don’t require Internet, so you won’t need to burden your shoulders with a high-speed Internet subscription. 

Community Phone offers dedicated landline plans for households as well as businesses. Its business landline plans use advanced features to help small businesses improve their customer support service and professionalism. 

All its landline plans come with unlimited nationwide calling. You can keep your existing phone number or get a new one from Community Phone. The household landline plan lets you choose a local phone number. If you choose the business landline package, you can choose between local and toll-free phone numbers. 

Community Phone’s support service is also highly effective as it’s accessible, fast, and reliable. Its agents are knowledgeable, prompt, and friendly to ensure you get answers to all your questions and your issues are resolved timely. If you want to try Community Phone in Dallas, click here to get started!