Photo courtesy of Seeds 2 Stem

During the ice storm a few weeks ago, someone stole the education nonprofit Seeds 2 Stem’s trailer, which held supplies and a generator.

Branden Williams, otherwise known as the Bearded Scientist, is the founder of Seeds to Stem and shared his story about the theft and what was needed in a video on Instagram and Facebook on Feb. 8.

Seeds 2 Stem mission focuses on educating kids on science, technology, engineering and math. Some of the supplies Branden requested supporters to donate to the nonprofit’s Amazon Wishlist to replace some of what was stolen.

“Everything Seeds 2 Stem owned was on this trailer, and this was a significant loss to us,” Williams said in the video. “We’re in need right now. We’re not in need of money, we’re in need of your support.”

The gate was unlocked to the facility where the trailer was parked, and that’s how the thieves were able to access it. Williams filed a police report and reported the loss to the insurance company as well.

The trailer can be seen in the background of the first photo. Photo courtesy of Seeds 2 Stem

In a phone call, Williams expresses how much the loss of the trailer impacted the programs.

“Just this overall process has derailed our business significantly and our ability to do it crippled our ability to continue to provide consistent quality programs around North Texas. It’s an unfortunate situation, but it’s one of the things we’re powering through.”

In the days since, however, the community has shown their support. In an update video last week, he shared that every item that was on the wish list was purchased and showed all the packages that arrived from supporters.

Just a few of the items from the wishlist include table covers, soil, plastic bottles and chemical cleanup kit.

Williams also said that, in addition to spreading the word and donations, Seeds 2 Stem is always looking for new volunteers.

For more details, contact Seeds 2 Stem at 1-866 STEM-EDU or