Photo Credit: Amber Dorsey

For Amber Dorsey, realty wasn’t her initial path. 

Now a realty team lead and the owner of Dorsey DFW Group, when she first got out of college, Dorsey initially worked as a teacher, later developing an interest in real estate while working at Dillards during an interim. She was hesitant however, because of the cost of getting involved in real estate, and a fear of failure. Dorsey then took on a job as Community Relations Coordinator for Lancaster city. While there, she began doing realty part time. Dorsey states that her time serving as coordinator helped improve her customer service skills, along with understanding contracts, timeliness and how to acclimate to different personalities. 

“Just the pressure of making sure that we’re doing everything perfectly, I think helped elevate my customer service experience and helped me to understand contracts and the importance of timeliness. And just considering how you treat people and you know all of the different personalities and how people can interpret things differently,” Dorsey said. 

An aspect of realty that Dorsey initially struggled with was engaging in self promotion. Initially, she saw self promotion as bragging in a sense. Talking to other people in realty offered her a different perspective however. 

 “If Steve Madden sends you 15 emails a day, do you think they’re bragging or their marketing? When you look at it from that perspective, nobody knows what you don’t tell them. So if I’m researching a realtor, why wouldn’t I want the best Realtor in Dallas, you know, or the best realtor that looks like me or that understands where I want to live, what my lifestyle is, or hangs out where I hang out whatever the case may be somebody who’s relatable to who I am,” Dorsey said.

 A monumental moment in her career was when she decided to become a full time realtor, she informed the vendors she worked with as Community Relations Coordinator that she was leaving. On her way out of the door, she’d already booked her first client.

“I would like to be your first full time customer. I think for me, that was a godsend. And that was my stamp on it to let me know, when God wants you to do something he opens the doors, and he opens some real ones,” she said. 

In the following years, Dorsey wants to grow her business to be one of the top teams in realty. 

“I don’t want to be the sole person that you know gets attention off the team. I would like all of us to be superstars. I like all of my agents to be top producers throughout DFW,” she said. 

Dorsey also wants to be able to purchase her own commercial property and cultivate her own co-working space, not just for realtors, but for people in the industry. 

“I would like to purchase my own commercial property and function out of there and make it a co-working space, not just for realtors but other people in the industry. They don’t have offices that just pay to stay, just a real estate co-working space so it’d be functional, and people can lean on each other for advice. I think that’s really, really important because we don’t have places like that.”