Photo Credit: Britney Durham

By Brianna Patt 

Britney Durham knew she wanted to be a realtor when she first met her husband, who at the time was focused on doing credit repair. Clients were looking to own their own homes and property, but faced hiccups along the way. For her, real estate was a way to provide education to black people looking to own homes. She operated as a segway, to provide people with the help that they needed to become property owners, mainly from an educational standpoint. 

When entering real estate, Durham initially believed that the issue was moreso a lack of knowledge, but in her time navigating the field she realized that it’s ultimately a lack of resources. 

She hopes to see more black people in the field of realty. Specifically, she wants to focus more on  the progression of realty rather than on the number of sales. 

“I  want to see us getting more into real estate because of what you could put into it versus what you get out of it. I do see a lot of people focus more on the number of what they want to sell and they focus on the bigger picture, probably the lifestyle of real estate, but I focus more on the progression,” she said. 

 A monumental career moment for her has been being able to help people through major transitions in their life. 

“ I have received awards for real estate and not only mentorship, but it’s helping when people tell me that not only are they getting a great experience, for what I provide for them as their realtor. That I have provided them not only peace, but counsel,” Durham. 

Down the line, Durham would like to have one of the biggest brokerages in Texas. She also wants to open her own real estate school for people coming straight out of high school. The best advice that she can offer for young people looking to enter the field of real estate, is to find a great mentor to learn from without repeating what they do. 

“ Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Repeat what they’re doing and open up your ears and listen. Sometimes we try to do everything on our own and try to find new ways. Just do what’s been done and that has been a success story, and get behind that. But, the main thing is mentorship. That’s probably the biggest thing: mentorship and then be ready to learn.”