Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories.

It’s true, I really thought about a career change after my chat with Christina Flores, Global Head of Aviation Recruiting and Programs at American Airlines. As a kid, I was fascinated by airplanes and how to operate them, but never imagined being a pilot. Christina shared how she’s working to diversify the flight deck by bringing in women. It brought pure joy to my heart.  How dope is it to see women as pilots in a male dominated field? The excitement and intentionality behind her work inspired me, so I recommended the program to others.

Listening to leaders like Flores tell stories about creating opportunities for other women is part of my WHY. It’s important for me to help women share their story. That’s why each week the Dallas Weekly – in partnership with 97.9 the Beat DFW – highlights women across the DFW metroplex in a featured section called She Represents or She Reps.  We talk to women who are blazing the scene in their respective fields and doing things their way.

The power in storytelling is impactful. Every woman mentioned in this special Women’s History Month edition is part of HERstory – the past, the present, the future and beyond. It’s the blueprint behind the incredible work going on right here in our community.

Giving women the platform to share their story is one of the things I love about my job. It’s such an honor to shower these women with an abundance of love and fresh flowers.


Our contributing writers – Thank you for saying “yes” and making this edition even more special. We celebrate you!

Our DW reporters and writers – Thank you for always giving 110%.  We appreciate and celebrate you, too!

Our new CEO – Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for your leadership and friendship. Thank you for always representing #IamDW. You are HERstory in the making and I’m honored to have a front row seat as you take DW to the next level. This special edition is for you, too. I hope it makes you proud. 

Your DW Editor,

LaToya J. Henry

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