By Cheryl Polote Williamson

Ladies, this is a public service announcement! When we take the time to show up for ourselves, it empowers our purpose and creates more significant opportunities for us to show up for others. Our season of ‘Yes,’ begins right here and right now!

There are three things you have to do to make a shift into your ‘Yes’ season. Start by filling your cup first because you matter. Your dreams matter—your purpose matters. Your life matters. Empower your purpose before giving others your time, energy, and support. Whatever remains after you’ve filled your cup first is your overflow. Give from that, not from a deficit.

The second thing you need to do is affirm yourself. What we believe, say to ourselves, and focus on is what we will see come to life. What are you saying to yourself? What do you think about your future? Are you focusing on things that bring you energy or drain you? Speak life, and the garden in your mind will grow into a harvest.

Photo Credit: Cheryl Polote Williamson

Finally, be unapologetic about the power of saying ‘No.’ In this season of ‘Yes,’ you must activate a focus so strong that you cut out anything hindering your walk toward purpose. For anyone who questions your shift, remind them that ‘No’ does not mean ‘never,’ but it does create the space you need to say ‘YES’ to right now. Right now, is the start of your ‘YES’ season.

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