Photo Credit: Myeshia George

Businesswoman, entrepreneur, and most importantly Mother Myeshia George has worked in the nursing industry for 17 years in various positions. She finds passion in pediatrics given that she has a special needs child, Amyre. George has worked in nursing homes, hospitals, and almost every sector of nursing there is. She was born June 23, in Dallas, Texas at Parkland Hospital. George has grown morally, being raised by a loving mom and dad, during her early childhood., with a strong Nigerian upbringing, through her father’s culture and strength. George graduated early from Palo Duro High in Amarillo, Texas. She stayed focused on her future, excelling in numerous colleges and entrepreneurial endeavors. She has been able to put that knowledge she gathered learned over the years to effective use. Since she started her nursing career at a noticeably young age, George has always tried to find ways to drive entrepreneurial change into the world. Focused on bringing global awareness to special needs children as CEO of her own 501c3 nonprofit Amyre’s Foundation, she has been making a difference in various ways including advocacy, leadership, and healthcare acceleration, with expertise in purpose to solve one of the world’s toughest challenges- AWARENESS.